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This class will teach you the art of giving a slow and confident massage at the end of a long day.
Why do partners and lovers find it hard to give a massage to each other?

Common complaints are:
It’s too hard to give a long massage - I get tired fast.
The pressure is too intense or too light.
They stop too soon.
They don’t pay attention to my breathing.
They don't identify the right spots.
I don’t know how to communicate what I need and what feels good.

In this Zoom class, you will learn techniques that will allow you to give a sustainable message while ENJOYING the process. Five minutes would go a long way and guaranteed to leave a positive impact.
Offering a massage is NOT work but rather an opportunity for playtime. 
The class is designed to deepen your connection. It offers practical tools that can be used daily with ease. 
Please NOTE that during the virtual class, it is important for both partners to be in the same room so you can practice with each other in real-time. The instructors will provide live feedback as they observe you practicing your new skills. 



Learn the secrets and basic skills to give a massage with ease.
Learn simple ways to ask for what you want and bring the intention to set the time to be with each other. 
It's all about enhancing relaxation and creating a nurturing experience, even sensual, for both partners!
You and your partner will leave this workshop feeling confident with your newly acquired techniques, and connected to each other's pleasures and joys.


  • Learn basic strokes of Swedish massage, trigger points, and deep tissue. 

  • Explore key areas of the body: upper shoulders and neck.         

  • Identify knots & overworked muscles.



  • Learn to communicate your needs and desires for a better experience during the massage.   

  • Check with your partner to be sure you are on the right track.  

  • Give yourself permission to express what you want with each other.  

  • Stay present and in tune.  


The location is virtual on Zoom.

Book this Private Class or - a great gift for newlywed couples. 


Couples Massage feet and hands video #3 Get In Touch

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