I don't write reviews typically, but in this case, I wanted to pass on to readers this recommendation to definitely look to Ronit for massage and bodywork. She's professional, leverages her deep knowledge of muscle structure with massage and bodywork techniques to focus in on your own evolving needs. I first went to her when she was practicing at UCSF's wellness center and have been pleased to be able to reconnect with her at her own practice. Each session she's tune's into what's going on in-the-moment, adapts technical skill with what others have also mentioned, a caring approach and calming energy.

- Steve S, SF

--Ronit's massages are amazing!

I have been seeing her regularly for about 1 year and she never disappoints. I feel very relaxed and happy after one of her sessions. She is very intuitive and also very knowledgeable about the body and remembers what areas you need which require special attention. I also love the fact that she is very open to suggestions as to what my requests are because she wants you to have a wonderful massage! AND she uses a non-oily organic gel that does not leave your skin feeling greasy.

I have had literally hundreds of messages from many, many therapists over the past 45 years and Ronit is one of the best. I highly recommend her!

- Bonnie F, SF

If it was possible to give stars I would. Ronit is truly gifted in her craft. She is an artist and a magician and most importantly a skilled and intuitive listener. She listens to what I say I need/want as well as listening with her hands and with her heart. When I am able to visit Ronit I leave her office feeling like she has given me my life back. Thank you, Ronit for the gift of healing you bring to this world. I am truly grateful.

- Ariana G, Oakland Ca

I'd like to start by saying that Ronit is an exceptional individual. There is something about her energy that is grounding and healing at the same time. I've had many massages in my life and over the years I used to enjoy the intense combination of deep tissue meets Swedish massage.

Ronit's style is different yet super effective in allowing my body to let go of aches and distresses. She has a great flow and my body responds so beautifully to her caring yet very skilled hands, that I often find myself relaxing to a point of falling asleep. Her work feels holistic as if there is a shift in the energy of both my body and my mind.

I've seen Ronit about a dozen times and I look forward to much more healing and nurturing sessions with her in the future!


- Iris C, SF Ca.

Words that come to mind after a massage with you include rejuvenated and grounded, but I don't think those quite capture how amazing - both physically and spiritually - I feel afterward. Cleansing, renewal, alignment, and connected are also words that also come to mind. But that always sounds too ordinary. You know what it feels like for me? It's like I've jumped into a waterfall that flows into a crystal clear lake and emerged to a warm fuzzy robe that envelops me. Being on your table feels like the rush of cool water washing away the stress and worries of life for the moment and a warm hug as the relaxation begins. I also appreciate the conversations we have about life and love that feeds my soul.

With the touch of Ronit’s hands, all my sore muscles melt away and I can breathe more deeply.

I’ve worked with many masseuses throughout my life and Ronit is the best. She has a gift of loving touch and you can feel her thoughtfulness and kindness as she finds all the muscles and joints that need extra care.

Some massage benefits last only a couple of days-with Ronit’s therapy I feel relaxed up to a couple of weeks later.

A thoroughly relaxing and rejuvenating massage by someone that is extremely knowledgeable and skilled with her hands.

Ronit's ability to understand me through my body was mind-blowing. She was both direct, kind, and encouraging. Her touch brought healing to hurting places, both physical and emotional. I'm still sitting with her words.