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Ronit April Varga

About Ronit

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Ronit April Varga is a postpartum doula in the San Francisco Bay Area. With years of experience running a fulfilling and successful massage therapy business in the Bay Area, Ronit was seeking another way to provide her gifts in life. From two significant past experiences in her life, she was drawn to the field of a postpartum doula.

First was the birth of her child, which was saved by her own postpartum doula, Ms. Petty Lupintski. Petty made her birth experience a safe journey.  Petty showed Ronit the ropes of being a first-time mother while supporting not only her but her husband. 

The second was postpartum depression. Prior to birthing her son, Ronit was on top of the world. She had a deep sense of self and was ready to jump into motherhood. Within months, Ronit entered a deep postpartum depression. She was shut down and just a shell of who she was before birth. 

Thankfully, her doula Petty was on the lookout for and recognized the signs of postpartum depression and was able to work with Ronit and connect her with more resources to get the help she needed. 

Petty’s role as a doula stayed with Ronit for the rest of her life, leading her to this line of work. 

Today Ronit is the proud mom of two outstanding sons, aged 15 and 20. She is an avid supporter of body awareness and movement as a tool for empowering connection to self and the people around you. 

As a doula, Ronit is committed to being there for her clients with nurtured and nourished compassion, patience, and evidence-based care.

Your family legacy starts with a proud beginning, and Ronit will allow an extra hand, ear, and companion to support the parents you become.

As a postpartum doula, I am dedicated to nurturing mothers and their families back to core wellness and strength. The goal is to achieve a new healthy alignment and settle into a new familial rhythm. 

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The journey into parenthood can present new challenges. I encourage partners to find their stable ground and practice safe and loving communications. This allows for all to share their needs and wants with ease. 

My purpose is to support you, the mother, as you bond with your newborn. I provide families with the in-home support they need during the weeks that follow birth. It’s a precious moment and a significant change that will impact each family member. With a deep understanding of how tender the circumstances may be, I lead with a loving, nonjudgmental, and profoundly nurturing presence.

My services are available on Mondays from 7am-8pm, Wednesdays from 7am-4pm and Fridays from 8am-5pm.


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One in-home prenatal meeting:
  • Getting to know each other

  • Develop a postpartum plan

  • Practice techniques for easy labor

  • Prepare your home space for you and your little one

  • Design a meal plan for the first ten days after birth

  • Prenatal massage (additional charge)

Postpartum support includes:
  • Body/Chest/Breast/Bottle feeding assistance

  • Lactation guidance 

  • Newborn Care (swaddling, diapering, bathing, babywearing)

  • Preparing healing baths and soaks for the new mama 

  • Emotional support; helping you find and access your grounding elements

  • ​Updating the love language between you and your partner 

  • Physical support as you heal from birth such as massage, shower prep, rest time

  • Mental and emotional support as you recover from childbirth. I provide a calm, reassuring presence and a listening ear. 

  • Baby massage  

  • Light meal and snacks preparation (Mediterranean-style food is my specialty). 

  • Light housekeeping and baby’s laundry

  • Sharing resources and referrals (such as lactation consultant, sleep consultant, acupuncturist, chiropractor for baby and mom)

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The transition to parenthood is remarkable. It is a period of transformation and healing. New parents can benefit greatly from the help of an assembled “village,” whatever form and shape it may take in contemporary times. I’d be honored to be one of your created “villages” of supporters for you and your partner's journey to be the empowered parents you are destined to be. 

Praise for Ronit April Varga, Postpartum Doula 

"Ronit was truly a lifesaver for us. I often began our time together feeling exhausted and overwhelmed and by the end always felt more capable and hopeful. She was steady, reassuring, and worked magic with the baby (and in the kitchen!) . She cooked the most beautiful meals for us and really helped me see patterns with the baby that I was too tired to pick up on (particularly around naps). I truly don't know how she got it all done in 4 hours and yet never seemed like she was rushing. I would recommend her highly to any family and hope we have the opportunity to work with her with baby #2!"

- Lily V

Oakland, CA 

"Ronit was simply amazing! I tend to be a little shy asking for what I need/taking care of myself. She was very perceptive and suggested things that would be good for me as the mom and ultimately good for my newborn. She was flexible with doing whatever was needed on a given day. She took initiative, but didn't overstep. She is an amaaaaaazing cook and masseuse! She is knowledgeable about newborn care and also clearly loves newborns - that was key for me, that she be gentle and caring with such a fragile new being and she was."

"Ronit was an essential part of our first two months with our baby: mental and physical wellness, nutrition, bodywork, how to care for our baby, chef, and supporting us in getting sleep and couples time. She is a warm and caring person and brought calm into our anxious, first-time parent world. We only wish we had her for longer!"

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