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Meet Ronit

Certified Massage Therapist 

"I believe that bodywork is a way of creating a change, a shift in awareness, where individuals learn to listen to their own body."

Ronit April is a certified massage therapist with more than 20 years of experience in the field. As a 5 star rated specialist on Yelp, Ronit mixes a number of powerful modalities including Swedish Massage, deep tissue massage, reflexology, lower back pain relief and Reiki. Her distinctive approach showcases her ability to customize sessions to the needs of each client. Ronit blends her modalities for ultimate healing, using her focused knowledge and years of experience to meet each of her client’s unique healing needs.


Ronit began practicing bodywork in 1998 and graduated from the San Francisco School of Massage in 2005. For the past 2 and a half years, she has been an active teacher assistant at the school. 

As a professional, Ronit is committed to deepening and broadening her own education as well as promoting the art of healing and healthy lifestyles.

Ronit leads with curiosity, an open heart, patience, empathy and deep intuition to deliver a customized therapeutic experience for each of her clients.

She finds great joy in listening deeply to the body as it reveals itself and therefore, identifying the path to healing.


Ronit believes that stress reduction is the key to health and wellness and that regular bodywork and relaxation therapy is the ideal modality for creating balance and generating well-being. 

Through trust and comfort, Ronit establishes the foundation for a profound healing experience for her clients.

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